Server Rules




Chat Rules

Rule 1 - No slurs/hateful messages:
This means any slurs or any message to be hateful towards a particular group or person. Slurs are usually an instant permanent mute, whereas hateful messages towards individuals may be a warning or an instant mute based on severity. 
Rule 2 - Respect Others:
This includes being hateful towards users, insulting them, disrespecting any part of them, and overall being disrespectful towards players in general.

Rule 3 - No Toxicity:
The current staff online will decide what is and what is not toxicity to a reasonable degree, a rule of thumb is that as long as you aren't starting arguments, causing fights, or being disrespectful, you do not need to worry about breaking this rule.

Rule 4 - No advertising/spamming/raiding:
You may not  advertise anything of yours without permission, spamming is usually caught but will be punished anyway if bypassed, raids are automatic bans. Do not breach Rule 4.

Rule 5- Utilize common sense:
This means do not find loopholes within our rules and do not break boundaries not explicitly stated in the rules-- but something you know you should not be doing/saying.

Rule 6 - Do not disrespect the server:
Do not spread hate in name of staff members, the server, or comment rudely on the server. Criticism is encouraged, but be nice!

Gameplay Rules

Rule 7 - No excessive griefing:
Griefing is allowed for raiding, some damages here and there, and damages needed to be made to raid.

Rule 8 - No repeatedly respawning:
You are not allowed to use /back to repeatedly spawn at a person's base and kill them over and over.

Rule 9 - No excessive farms:
Any farms seen to be causing lag will be removed without warning.

Rule 10 - Alt Accounts:
Only one alt account may be on the server at a time to prevent mob farm spam.

Rule 11 - No abusing bugs:
Abusing exploits, bugs, or duping of any kind will usually result in an immediate ban and inventory/eco wipe.

Rule 12 - No lagging the server.
You may not lag our server intentionally in any capacity as it will serve as a permanent ban.

Rule 13 - No hacking.
You may not use any modified clients on our server, minimaps and etc are fine, but nothing that gives unfair advantages.