Florial Pastries Guide



Pastries: Cinnamon Roll


• You have special abilities based on what species you chose. Do /powers to view your powers.

• Smelt rotten flesh into leather!

• Make 1 of 5 custom-textured pastries with custom recipes gotten from /florialrecipes

• Sell pastries, kill mobs, and more to get DNA XP to get DNA, to level your species!

• Mobs in our server have custom textures in our pack, and spawn with 60-120 health. Rarely, 400+!
• Make your own Kingdom in our server with /k create <name>, battle against others, or choose to be a pacifist.
• Grind dungeons, use rewards from the dungeons to unlock powerful species, and more!
• So much more! Have questions? Check out the 'Help' page here

Leveling Up

You can level up your chosen species via DNA levels. You need 500 DNA XP to get 1 DNlevel.
Here are ways of gaining these DNA levels:
• Make any of the pastries from /florialrecipes and sell them in /sell  to get experience
• Kill any mob to gain a couple of experience
• Win DNA vouchers in crates
Remember that you can view your current DNA XP by doing /infopanel


To make pastries, you need to follow the recipes found in /florialrecipes. For easier viewing, please see our pastry making page with all the recipes by clicking here

Ranking Up

You can rankup via /rankup to advance to the next Level on the server. Each rank unlocks different gameplay features of the server. Be sure to work towards ranking up! In order for the rankup to work, all items must be in your inventory.

Genetically Mutating your Species

You can mutate into two random species by pressing on the  'Genetic Mutate' button in the /species panel. In order to do this, you need the Lapis rank from /rankup, $500,000, and 500 DNA levels. Once done, you will be two random species, taking SOME of the powers from each species. The mutation will assign its self a unique name, and have a custom art in our resource pack. Note that it will only combine you into two of the Main 5 animal species.