Florial "Assister" Application Form


About the Role


The Assister role is a non-staff role that people without Discord can apply for. You will have mute permissions, and access to a unique /report <username> <reason> command for semi-emergencies to full on emergencies. This command will immediately alert every staff member of the user you're reporting, and why, allowing you to swiftly call on a staff member without needing Discord at all. You must prove to have good grammar, be mature, and not abuse your power.

Those with this role should also be quick to assist players whenever they have a question. If someone asks a question in chat it is YOUR duty to answer it, and guide them so that they understand the server. You may be rewarded with Flories if we noticed you are doing a good job. All Assisters are kept on staff records.

Requirements for the role


To become an Assister you need to meet the following requirements. Why do we have these requirements? To ensure that those with this role act professional, are mature, and do not abuse their power.
• 11 years or older
• Mature
• 10 hours of Playtime or more
• Grasp on the server, and its concepts
• Have an email we can contact you with

Your Field
Your Field
Two people are fighting, what do you do?
Your Question?
Why do you want to be an Assister?